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    this "special edition" comes with two bonus tracks that were not included in the original release but were leaked for a short while sometime after. as this is an early album that i widely distributed at no cost, i am resigned to charging for it. i can at least, for my part, promise that i won't ever sell out and play the superbowl halftime show when i'm famous.

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in some ways, the "zombo" album was a coming out party of sorts. whereas my debut album "bipolar me" was stylistically vague and lacking identity, zombo had a focused aesthetic that would essentially define zykomazika moving forward.

i had randomly landed at the now legendary zombo.com and was struck by its awesome. i'm not sure how many hours i lost in the first several days following my discovery of it. but for one week, anything and everything was suddenly possible and the only limit was myself.

so the real credit goes to 15 foot stick or chuck norris or whoever is behind zombo.com because it was there and only there that i realized attainment was an illusion, infinite. dig it.


released January 15, 2005



all rights reserved


zykO Sacramento, California

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Track Name: The Great Seduction
when i first opened up my eyes, i found you staring back at me
the great seduction had started and i was parted from the start of it

even if i wanted to stay
even if i wanted to say
that i loved you more than anything else i have ever known

i looted the reason as i elusively moved it out of my life
wasn't it clever how i made everyone think that it was all just a joke?

a fleeting moment in your hazy embrace is enough to amaze me
heaven's still a far far place and i am still swimming in obscurity
your smile has not yet changed while everything else around me has
Track Name: Streamline Armpit (and the Imminent Funk)
i don't want you
i don't like you
when you're searching for me
i'm really finding you
you're like old cheese
you spread like a disease
but you're in my mind
and you're a part of me
sleep is lost again
its called hangin ten
hangin when the break of dawn
breaks me then
i got no one to blame
i take all the shame
you're nobody else
you're just a part of me

you said you'd change nothing at all
and leave the sun right where it is cuz its perfect that way
i know you have to go
just couldn't get yourself to just leave it all alone

you had to leave in the middle of the night
and you had to be absolutely impossible to find

you can do anything
you can be anyone
you can do what i've long done
or you can fail
at something stale
and blame it all
on the fact that you're my SON
its deluxe
its a reflex
i'm sorry you can't wrap
your brain around that
eh, that sucks
it was really nice
Track Name: Munchies
oh baby when you walk into the room
something comes over me and makes me wanna consume
your sweet raspberry perfume
and my eyes are fixed on you like i'm set on auto-zoom

you may ask why but baby i won't lie
i got this here blunt and its blown my mind
you've got this way about you
that twists and turns about you
baby, i wanna learn somethin about you tonight

baby i got munchies just for you
nobody else can make my gears go quite the way you do
i got what you need right here in a drawstring package
i'm gonna show you what it means to get high

once you've run out with me
you'll never run back to the sea
i give the ocean its motion
and you're hearin it straight from me
the game is how you play it
not what someone else says it is
so take it from me
you're hangin out with the right weed.
Track Name: Adventures in the Vapo
when we travel we go very far

we first went to the nothing
and stared in utter awe
all is lost in a fit of exhale leavin you crawl
in a fit, your sleep stained mind is searchin around for anyone
there is that place where all things meet
and a hero won't save anyone
do you see the azure eyes starting to crack
can you feel the stale breath crawlin up your back

<and there we stayed to say hi to everyone
there was nobody and there was somebody
and niether knew each other anyway
i tried not to wake>

so now we slide into an apple pudding pie
not the kind that you bake but the kind that bakes your mind
the world is just a popsicle, each lick is very fine
each time you crash, you burn and mash back up to the sky
a world of spinning buildings and people that can fly
an entire possibility is hangin in your sights
you didn't need an atmosphere, you can breathe anyway
the trip that you're going on is already in your brain

<we pulled out a book as we sat in the chocolate factory
and when we looked inside...>

a madman on a mountain starin down a blooded path
there's no one to behold the madness upon his blooded hands
broken man upon a rockhard wall
shattered honor upon a shattered throne

<and then we came to a kingdom not like the one before it though it, too, lay in ruins.
and a boy>

rolling hills and green fields
splattered blood and broken shields
children weep for the sun sets
for the hopeless and the dead
in a green felt hat, a hero is had.