by zykO

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zykO's perspektiv can be summed up as: bleeding, the story begins. tinmann, follow me to refuge for an offering of rice. a prophet in a funky abaya. a man in a cave. in stop frame animation.


released December 25, 2006



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zykO Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Bleeding
how right were you
this would never last forever
how wrong was i
to look up and find you in my sky
how right were you
that one day, this would blow up
and you'll be left to see

i'm bleeding from my head
i have been bleeding
Track Name: The Story Begins
this story begins
with mary jane, with mary jane
this story begins with mary jane
she said she'd stay
and take my pain, and take my pain
she'd leave the pain, then be gone again
left trapped in vain
i'll need her again, need her again
alone with my pain, idle in refrain

mary jane, she was my friend
she took my hand
she said "my boy,
i'll make you understand
That there is more to what you see!
there's more to me!"
and these words were uttered
as crisply as the sea

this story will end
with mary jane, with all her fame
its all the same
to mary jane
this story will end
with mary jane, with all her fame
its all the same
no matter my name
Track Name: Tinmann
dreaming of learning
the fiending, the burning
seething and melting.
making a killing off all these feelings
wielding a ceiling to all of my meanings,
double and seeming.
leaning on trouble
it's making me fumble this thought
i mumble through this, i tumble

misplaced my heart again
i won't back down, not this time
found and put back in place
but i won't back down, not this time
a murmur, profound
still, i won't back down this time

the rhythm is wicked
i come to kick it
a curb sits there waiting
staking this warzone march to my making
i am not faking all of you children
perk ears and listen
to my admission
to a higher vision
merciful ignition
to my religon

i'm taken by hatred
fed up and wasted
lookin to taste it
if only to justify why i live to die
wreckless embodied
look at my body
broken and shoddy
look, i've been naughty
taste my own blood to ensure that its mine
in case i'm next in line
Track Name: Follow me
young blood, here is lookin at you
you enter here on point
we guilt you in and tear you within
on the bottle or a joint
welcome to a place where we've all failed
and lived to tell the tale

what do you need to follow me
swallowing pride just to find what you're dying to hide
what do you need to follow me
to your pride

in case you haven't heard
you're seemingly flyin like a bird
follow your dreams
there's nothing as impossible as it may seem
at first, it hurts too much
so tell me whatever it is that you need

to follow me

young blood, hold your gun tight
your back's against the wall
you enter to find that it's all your fault
your life is just a jolt into your past
where you shut the door too fast
watch your vertigo before you leap
because your pain is yours to keep.
Track Name: Refuge
ive never heard like this before
so, not everything is cold and damp,
not that anything's been said
but sometimes nothing is left
just one breath succeeding the next

take all your grudges
put them in a box and leave em out in the sun
let them spoil
let them boil in some foil
let them rot out in the sun

where are your consequences hence
to make sure no man regrets
a debt to perspektiv

take all your vices
toss them all aside
they only ruin your mind
all the voices and the choices you've avoided
let your vices slide out of sight
Track Name: An Offering of Rice
now you talk of peace
but you shall not cease
the slaughter till we're all on our knees
your words are disease
so the innocents flee
the slaughter of all those who see
that you talk of fair
but i doubt that you care
that children are dying everywhere
your words are not there
your actions are bare
the dumbfounded look in your stare

where you stand, there's war
and what's this, your price?
you're here to perform
an offering of rice

and so the tanks roll on
right or wrong
survival selects only for the strong
you'll drag this along
till all are gone
all but the chosen one
you'll drag this along
till all are gone
all but the chosen ones

i once wept for brothers
and sisters not with us
the populace listless
to seek deceptive whispers
i now weep for our mothers
and our fathers of martyrs
paranoid, seek the whispers
pressed to live on with honor
tell of honor that goats(ghosts) have
as we're feedin' the slaughter
with our sons and our daughters
when rice is all they offer
Track Name: Prophet
you wear a costume of a past life,
one you can't bear
one that you cannot shake and you hate to wear
so why now wonder why you smell like brand new paint
you wear a new coat, now you come to us as a saint

why do prophets walk in the dark
horizon shining like a spark
brilliance consumed with the fume
of having been repainted new
coat nouveau a prophet has
fumes consumed two brilliant halves
spark ignite a shining line
that prophets walk on towards light

a prophet will carry on
through the ages
a prophet will shine on

your ability to see has made a martyr of you
now further out in the dark is where you will find truth
follow you there and maybe we will find the light
or maybe we will all scatter in the dark like the prophet each night

risk your freedom to believe what you really feel
sacrifice, a notion given to you to stay real
you belong here, trapped in a tragic fate
in a human fate, such a trait is innate

mirror images - will the vision ever get clearer
will the rhythm die, will there be enough left to hear
an artist on a wall tryin to recreate the music
another artist on a wall trying become the prophet
Track Name: Funky Abaya
i'm driven to find another method of rhyme
another form of life, another sun in the sky
everybody needs just a touch of greed
just a pinch of weed to rest they feet
out to the sound of the shout, to the beat of the drum
to the sweat of the scrum
to the taste of the rout
in the thick of the grind
while everybody toils in similar binds
everybody living is trippin and thinking life aint worth living
CUZ deaths already pre-written though none are really admitting that fear is what they've been given so lies is what they keep spittin
while the world keeps on spinnin

finding the line on which the pulse is divine
where the rhythm is fine as long as it is alive
look to your right, that's your brother tonight
don't fight just to fight, as much as you'd like
now that you're in from the cold,
from the beat of the road
from the heat of the sun
that did nothing but numb
you from getting any of this
everybody living is trippin and thinking life aint worth living
CUZ deaths already pre-written though none are really admitting that fear is what they've been given so lies are what they been spittin
while the world keeps on spinnin

open a book, tear out a page
try buildin bridges and schools instead of a cage
keep your head in the clouds but feet on the ground
everybody knows that you're mad, but don't be a clown (or make a sound)
Track Name: Man in a Cave
and inquire for some middle
ground but ideally

don't think about much
of anything anymore
vague recollections
red and rough and i
lost the directions you gave
me when i tried to go
stalling to know
i'm blocking the road

hello, hi, sorry
i'm the one playing dead
Track Name: Stop Frame Animation
the story began after it ended,
and i'm already winded
but to conform i was too distorted,
couldn't afford it
lyrically reborn to find a reason to the treason
and besides, i'm totally blinded and beside it

upside down island
look for a pilot
i've got an aircraft
but no one to fly it
inside out prophet
you look like you've got it
try animation
to draw your next target

into your perspektiv of sorts

tied to a doubt of my own making,
i'm animating a short film [about]
bones in a closet, ants in the faucets
the speaker is blown
i'm torn on a window, lookin for my shoe
the sanity's gone
but you already knew that, already knew that

well this re-animation's
got me runnin from patience
and its making me stop frame, ready to go
got the whole damn thing twisted
i was born double-fisted
wit a fuse lit, screwed tight, ready to blow
you must be wondering how i'm turnin islands upside down
don't ask me truthfully cuz i don't really know,
i'm just tryin to get the fuck out of town.

the story is done
almost before it ever got started
too far from norm
was why i painted everything faded
was i just too high?
to notice that the river was flowing right past me
now nobody cried
cuz i was blinded and beside it