A New Set of Eyes

by zykO

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Artists seek inspiration as fuel for their muse. While some labor for it, others are auspiciously presented with it. On April 19, 2005, my daughter was born into the world bringing with her a thunderstorm(no, really) of energy, a new set of eyes and triggering the most intense fit of inspiration I had ever encountered.


released April 19, 2005



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zykO Sacramento, California

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Track Name: A New Set of Eyes
commencing a new trial, this time
holding the sky in contempt for making me blind
transforming my scope of vision to a sheet of white
"and everything will be alright", she said
the girl with the yellow hair and not a care but an icy stare
and she's my angel, she's right there
smiling by the ocean's side

see me on the bridge
searching for a ray of light
changing for another day
each day with a new set of eyes

i wouldn't have fled, if i had a piece of mind in my head
and instead, i found it dead on the path behind me
and that don't mean anything
it was just
a rhyme scheme
and just like a bad dream
its all gonna go away, my child
its all gonna go away
gonna go away
Track Name: Lighthouse
your light surrounds me, allows me
to see in your glow
and i know you're there
you'll always be strong
the rock upon
which i hold on to when the goin gets rough

you will always be a lighthouse for me
when its dark and i'm lost at sea

its in your blood to be the best
person that you'll ever meet
you'll see
nobody should ever intimidate you
instill any fear in your heart
or manipulate you into their will
nobody can or will hold you back
you're the model by which we all compare
the guide by which we will lead our lives

i will love you until the day i go
to a place niether of us know
but we'll be together all the same
let me cherish this smile in case i fade
and when i'm gone, please don't be afraid
fear is not what we brought you here to feel
fear is what we expect you to domineer
Track Name: Amends
really trying, really meaning to do well
truly failing at really being able to tell
what is wrong, what is questionable in what i do
but who were you to think you knew all of the truth

(but you knew
not to make amends)

listen here, baby, there is another voice
not the one from many years ago, not that boy's
a bullseye cryin from the darts that you've thrown
another pipeline shattered as another bridge's blown

making amends is but the least familiar to you
Track Name: Even if She Tries
lookin back in spite
there is nothin right
with sayin that you can't
even spend the night
baby it ain't right
to leave me out to dry
come on, baby, let me try
to dry the tears from your eye

you and i have never communicated this
and i have fears of losing you even if she tries

still feeling a little weak
i cheated you out of me
and then i'm wondering
why you walked out on me
she kept me in her life
gently shut my eyes
from the beauty
that you hid inside
Track Name: Perch
i've tried lying to myself, telling me there's someone else
but there's only you on the nightstand by me
i don't understand how it came to this
there's the sad critter still sittin on my shelf

and there's a view from the perch above your life
where i've hidden all my love and i've watched you wipe your eyes
and you've long heard me sing these lines
at least a dozen times in your mind

there's only pain in a box under the bed
where i keep half-melted candles and letters i've never read
and there is pain in my head
where i keep vaguely familiar memories of you
Track Name: Fatherhood
we spend most our time
living inside our own minds
not for anyone else, just us
and we see no shame in selfishness

until our life is no longer ours
and we can't imagine all the hours
we wasted looking inside
and finding nothing but a child

chapter closed and
chapter begun
this is how we come to the meaning of our lives
its like we've reborn
into another life
and a new set of eyes will now guide our lives

we have time for playing games
and zoning out for days and daze
until we realize that now its time
for pickin up the pace
Track Name: The Cynic
old man in the street
lookin for someone to meet
to tell your story to
but you can look till you're blue
you're too far away to see
that standing on your own two feet
should come to you naturally
and not be seen as a feat
not dwindling in retreat
not withering in the heat
you can't step twice in the same
river without semantic shame
give Her unsentimental pride
without fidelity,
life unfolds in time
and we're left in the splintered pieces of mind

all these people
that we meet in
our dreaded routine
how we hate them
cause they act like
they know everything
and we thought we did.

little boy on a bike
look at me? take a hike
love how you strut and limp
but in your head you're just a gimp
you're withering in the heat
you're dwindling in retreat
establishing your own rules
transgression is what makes you cool

woman in a sky blue dress
lookin for the sun in her chest
but the energy isn't you
no, it definetly isn't you
you look like a fucking mess
a flower thats under duress
not enough sun and water
just gifts that somebody bought her
and you look to me like a test
one that is often finessed
by a sweet word or two
the flimsiness is so you
i don't mean to psychoanalyze
but the petals wilt in your eyes
i can read it as a book
its all written in your look
Track Name: The Non-Believer
you didn't think i'd notice when you stepped into my past
started bashing everything and sorrowing the point to last
could you bury your own blood for the sake of having her near
could you cut off the hand that feeds you when the hand grows cold

i'm tired of all the times you tried to change me
make me forget who i am
what i was and what i can be
now what i am is inconsistent with the plan
so you got to reap what you've sown and deal with a new breed of man

so bring me to the end of this dream
show me what i've known all along
only chose to not believe

so now lets get serious, there's an important matter at hand
you can
ignore the fact but you're whack if you think that you'll keep me back
she's my baby, too and i'm gonna ensure
that she knows it no matter where you tell her i'm at
Track Name: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
orn again, twisting then
from the truth of where you've been
lying to even you
doesn't seem to bother you

i find your life to be trite
embrace the sweetness of the night
and the unbearable lightness of being

twice you've seen yourself flee
once from Him and now from You
finding yourself, instead
is like finding Him again

my consciousness
floats within my scope of mind
with ruthless abandon
i couldn't realize
what you expected me to do
i don't have that kind of heart
i can not be that kind of man
i won't avoid your eyes
in order to hide the fear that's inside

so don't do it to me.
so don't go doin it to me.

knowing love's an expected blow
means your love for Him will show
without the need to show
everyone else what you think you know
Track Name: Breakable Boy
there was a boy
with a breakable
smile and who
lived in a fantasy
crafted to be
composed in his sleep

i find this to feel
as though i walked into
another lack of self-control
and this vice will surely break me
break me

and such
is seething
curious as to where it went