A Mild Suggestive Moment

by zyko

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"A Mild Suggestive Moment" marks my tenth release under the pen name zyko and is a culmination of all my previous efforts. Like its predecessors, the EP is a concept album centering on a jarring realization made at a very critical moment in the form of a personal memoir. Several of the pieces are (directly or indirectly) about my late father, Dr. Mohamed El-Hawatky, who passed away a little over a year ago and was my chief artistic influence and inspiration.

We have very delicate lives in a, deceptively, delicate world. I like to think this album is a response to the awe I get when I think of that.


released October 1, 2010

Big, big thanks to Wes "Emunator" McDonald for the awesome art design!



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zykO Sacramento, California

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Track Name: communicate me
something funny
happened monday
when the hope fell through
look it's not me
maybe some day
you will see it too
no one noticed
but you broke this
road kill under foot
i'm just wonderin
when will this end
when will it stick to you

why's every word i've ever said never seemed to stick inside your head, right?
it doesn't matter if you like it
baby, i just wanna get through to you

the livin's gettin
even harder
harder no thanks to you
i feel like, i'm from
an alien planet
speaking that goobly goo
you just stare at me all dumbly,
I must look nuts to you
arms all waiving
screaming, pacing
runnin all around the room
but i've got something
that's worth saying
even if it means we're through
cuz baby, all i want
is just to, try and get through to you.

honey, you're an artifact, the artsy type
a sexy act - your style's burning me up inside
i'm strippin down to skeleton, i'm flippin out,
i'm checkin in, inside out and out of my mind
i'm lookin for a little love, but kinda big
i'm thinkin of
another sorta way into you
i'm in a room of mirrors, where the picture's getting clearer
that's if only you would step into view
but you're a damaged barbie doll
i wanna walk, you wanna crawl
i'm trippin on my DO
i'm loving you like photographs
the only way our memories last
you never thought it could get to you
Track Name: l'araña
the powers that be make it so we
end up in this tale, again and again
your web of deceit, truthfully sweet
sticky and awkward from the heat

look at me now, here upside down
sealed in an absence of pain
broken and dazed, your eyes are crazed
your venom's welcomed again

now you have me
you know i want your venom to spread through my veins
i am your only friend

you're creeping closer, i hear your whimper
it's sending chills right up my spine, i'm losin time
your love's poetic, your love chaotic
i see your other lifeless trophies
hanging down from the line

you control me
with every tug of spider web, you move me
and drown me
in love that's like the sweetest venom of all.
now you have me
you know you want my poison to spread through your veins
you are the loveliest end

kill me,
love me,
know me
show me,
how you hold me
is so lovely
Track Name: these T-Rex arms of mine
i was a boy who would dream, could be anything
one sunny day, i told my mama that i wanted to sing,
lots of songs till the lights came on,
i'd keep the world awake
i told her i'd sing them songs until i turned to bones

how can i seem to know
just how to let go
of scratchin the itch my daddy left behind
i can not seem to know
just how to let go
of tryin to fly, tryin to fly
with these T-Rex arms of mine

i said i'd roll with the punches,
now i'm on my way down - one way ticket
children, please avert your eyes away
all i ever wanted was to be the man,
man enough to execute the plan
i just don't know what to do, yeah yeah

walkin down the street lookin really mean
with these T-Rex arms of mine

now i'm a man that's bitter, sarcastic and mean
i can't, for the life of me, re-member how i went extinct
been far too long since i sang that song
since i kept everybody awake
i'm tellin ya, brother, i've been gone too long, yeah yeah

damn these t-rex arms of mine
Track Name: brother, brother
i think i've seen the future
or dreamt it anyway
i saw some children playing
in the back streets of LA
the buildings were all empty
dogs were everywhere
cars were piled up and burning
hopin to clean the air
the children, they were playing
some futuristic game
they screamed and chased each other with sticks
calling each other names
like jew and fag and nigga
like spic and wop and chink
the fury in their eyes was
real enough to make my heart sink

smash the hatred
nobody makes it
when we fake it
with each other
brother, brother
save our mother as she's dying
it's our murder

now that i'm awake,
i step outside to see
i look around and realize that everything's the same
'cept the lies are less revealing,
the truth too far to see
the children are already playing in the street
the dogs are in the windows,
they're licking their teeth
their cheeky heartless smiles melting into the scenery
the drums of war are booming,
the machine is on the move
its many parts and pieces swarm in a nasty groove
its very core is what we built,
the terror's there to see
i'm petrified in its splendor,
the machine will set us free
Track Name: to mars and back
we all look to the sky
most of us want to know her
the heavens in her eyes
is why we're creeping closer, closer

up and out the atmosphere
breaking through, we see so clearly
the world below our feet,
floating in eternity

the moon first drew our love
we snuck out and adored her
she then told us a lie
and we thought that it was over, over

but that too was a lie.

somewhere up in space there lies
a truth that's sometimes hard to hide
and looking out, we have to fly
to mars and back, we have to fly

to mars and then back again, we fly

but... now back to the sky
you can try to think it over
but you're flying far too high
the sun's ridin on your shoulder, soldier

to mars and back again
a lifetime spent in the window
staring up at starry heavens
for those of us still on the cinder, cinder

air is moving fast
or is it even moving at all?
i'm having a blasty blast
out there in space, i'm falling in place
you're taking me deeper til i crack under pressure
i'm struggling to breath while i'm starting to tremble
i'm cold as a finger that's stuck in the freezer
can't get back to earth, i'm choking on ether

to mars and then back again
we fly
to mars and then back again
we fly
to mars and then back again
Track Name: somehow, my love
sometimes, her voice is haunting me
sometimes, the choice is tryin' to be
somehow, the only one for me
somehow i lived
someone tried to put a hex on me
someone came and put a jinx on me
somehow i fought it with a smile
somehow i survived

in a dream, i walked without her chains
somewhere you will find a place to hide
never rushed, i will not be pressured by
a fleeting reality , my love
some how you will find a place to hide

holdin her close, i can hear her fears
holdin her close, i can taste her tears
my love is already dead.

sometimes, the paranoia feeds
someone until they're overcome with fear
somehow, her voice can rivet me
somehow, i'm paralyzed
somewhere, i'll find a place to hide
somewhere within my weary mind
somehow, there i'll find her smile

sanctuary claustrophobia
leaves the bravest of us with nowhere to hide
livin on the edge, i see,
no one else can ever be quite as warm as her
somehow even then i'm all alone

holdin her close, i can feel her space
holdin her close, i can touch her face
my love is already dead.
Track Name: el viejito
why sit all alone?
in a room full of mirrors
when as a child you were wild and inspired

laid out across the floor
living out your fantasies
you look up at the ceiling, your years are fleeing
outside the boundaries

has it been so long?
since you hung up the phone
since something mattered
your dreams lie battered
back upon the road
so you want another chance?
to paint another portrait
with shaky hands, you'll make it right,
you'll make it last.

the vision's fading now
though that doesn't mean its gone
but you're holding on, yeah, you're holding on,
like you've always done.

what's ripped and wrecked
mirrors that won't reflect
you painted murals on the walls of all that's left